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The ninth Beijing international disaster reduction Exhibition

Time: 2017/5/3

In recent years, with the Beijing international disaster prevention and emergency Industry Expo towards large-scale development, the national policy of continuous improvement, China's disaster prevention emergency industry rapid rise and achieve considerable development plays an important role in dealing with sudden disaster. To promote disaster prevention and disaster relief system reform, we must firmly establish the concept of integrated disaster risk management and mitigation, adhere to the "prevention first, combining prevention and resistance to rescue, disaster prevention and disaster relief to normal non normality of unity, and strive to achieve the focus from disaster relief to focus on pre disaster prevention, disaster reduction from loss to reduce disaster risk shift in response to a single disaster to disaster reduction transformation, and comprehensively improve the ability of comprehensive national disaster prevention and disaster relief. From May 4, 2017 to 6, to visit the Beijing international disaster prevention and mitigation emergency Industry Expo (disaster prevention and emergency Industry Conference), you can truly feel the rapid development of China's disaster prevention and mitigation, emergency response technology.
To implement the "Office of the State Council on accelerating the development of emergency disaster prevention industry views", 13th Five-Year "with the national planning and Belt and Road Initiative and Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development strategy, promote exchanges and cooperation in emergency products, technology and services international, to effectively enhance China's processing capacity for emergency, emergency in accordance with the industrial development the coordination mechanism of deployment, jointly organized by the disaster prevention and mitigation Chinese emergency medical rescue industry association, Chinese Association, national surveying and Mapping Engineering Technology Research Center, China Industry Alliance mall, Chinese disaster prevention and Emergency Satellite Application Industry Association, Beijing Glass International Exhibition Co Ltd, as well as the relevant government agencies, military emergency departments and non-governmental organizations jointly launched the" 2017 ninth Beijing international disaster prevention and emergency Industry Exposition ", affiliated national disaster day series of live One of the movements.
Military equipment, unmanned systems, satellite applications, high-rise escape, flood control and drought relief, family essential products such as exhibits concern, the industry enterprises to actively participate, embodies the in-depth implementation of disaster prevention and disaster relief development decision, to promote civil military integration, disaster prevention science and technology depth development, tens of thousands of new technology products debut the world industry conference on disaster prevention and emergency response. It is particularly worth involved in procurement negotiations, to understand China's disaster prevention and emergency products of the latest technology, disaster prevention and emergency response technology industry conference coverage, one armed equipment available. The family equipment exhibits many varieties, such as three intelligent mobile phone function, high quality, durable, waterproof, it will not destroy in the underground; such as water purification equipment, water is indispensable to human resources of life, if not drinking water will be a direct threat to life and health, water purification equipment can be purged of harmful substances on the human body, achieve drinking water health standards; in said thermal imaging technology has become an important tool in the field of safe city and forest fire prevention, natural disasters and man-made disasters to be controlled in time, people often say that prevention is better than disaster relief, these new equipment directly benefit thousands of households, the world industry conference is the industry emergency disaster prevention unit preferred platform communication.
According to preliminary statistics from the organizing committee, 2017 exhibits campus safety chairs, emergency equipment, software, marine UAV, unmanned boat, moistureproof box, power generation, large screen mobile command system, thermal imager, satellite communication, mobile power, tram shelter, fire fighting equipment, robot, wireless intercom, helicopter, meteorological monitoring, emergency food emergency; surveying and mapping, and more related to each family use equipment, everything to individual anti pickpocket products, emergency kits, tents, protective masks, high-rise escape, GPS, emergency lighting, household seismic instrumentation, air respirator, household water purification equipment, family boats, personal protection, medical sterilization equipment etc.,
With the opening of low altitude area in China, the UAV industry group has appeared in China, and more and more applications have been applied to disaster prevention, disaster reduction and emergency response. The national flood disaster, earthquake, multi reservoirs are enabled by the UAV, once a major natural disaster, rescue and disaster assessment in the human can not be directly involved in the case, the UAV can achieve all-weather complex environment detection and disaster situations, execute disaster data calculation, image transmission and complete disaster emergency relief rescue mission. This is the case of the application of UAV, with its unique flexibility and superiority in the field of aerial reconnaissance including emergency rescue and disaster relief, line inspection, earthquake reconnaissance, law enforcement, surveying and mapping, forest fire prevention plays a positive role. As a result, UAVs have developed rapidly in the disaster prevention and emergency response industry, and are also one of the highlights of the World Conference on disaster prevention and emergency response.
"People's life and property is higher than all, people's safety responsibility weightier than Mount Tai." To do a good job in disaster prevention and emergency work is an important manifestation of implementing the people-oriented Scientific Outlook on Development, an important measure to safeguard the fundamental interests of the people, and an important link to maintain social harmony and stability. The state and society of disaster prevention and emergency response work more and more attention, the central for disaster prevention and disaster relief emergency plan, achieve "organization norms, effective prevention, positive response, the maximum ability to protect people's lives and property security. In order to meet the actual needs of all kinds of emergency events, do defense and technology combined with the high standard of emergency equipment and products of network, intelligence and automation in the near future as we believe, emergency equipment and products will be in the function and technology to achieve a new change and breakthrough!
Innovation makes the future! Science and technology serve mankind! In May 4, 2017, -6 also opened the grand opening of the International Convention and Exhibition Center in Beijing, and welcomed the experts and scholars from all over the world to meet the needs of disaster prevention